Our clients are our number one priority. With services being provided to local government, townships and homeowner associations, we bring service to more 100,000 residents each week, Unity tailors its services to meet each client’s requirements. Unity engages in constant customer relations activities. Successful performance on each contract is reinforced by our commitment to excellence and the complete satisfaction of our client.
Collection Services

Residential and Public Trash Services »
Unity provides back door or side door services.

Residential Recycling Services »
Unity provides Dual Stream curbside recycling services.

Alternative Residential Recycling Services »
Unity also provides Alternative Recycling Collection services to include; Dual Stream curbside recycling collection with “Super Cans” or Single Stream curbside recycling collection with “Super Cans”.


Residential Yard Waste Services »
Unity also provides curbside yard waste

Heavy Trash Pickups »
Unity provides curbside Bulk collection services
*White goods and Metals (refrigerators, washer/dryer etc.) will be picked up with a separate truck

Disposal of Collected Materials »
All materials collected, refuse or recycling shall be delivered to an appropriate delivery point for the commodity transported. All recyclable materials shall be delivered to a recycling facility.

Montgomery County Announces First “Green” Refuse and Recycling Trucks in Mid-Atlantic Region    READ MORE »

Unity Supports Community Involvement
• Make a Wish Foundation

• Wishing Well Foundation

• Paint Branch High School

Community Outreach
Community Outreach Through Education
• Unity proudly participated Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center’s 2011 Truck Day, where we had the privilege to take part in the education of the youth towards the benefits and needs of a good community recycling program.

• St. Luke’s Pre-School invited Unity to contribute to the early childhood development of their youngsters at this year’s event.

Montgomery County Community Paper Shredding and Recycling Event
• For the second consecutive year Unity has been invited to co-sponsor this community event Involving NBC4, Shred-it, Montgomery County Government, and the Montgomery College

• We are pleased to say we have donated more than 12 man hours, four trucks, etc. to these two events

NGV America
• Member organization that Unity gained access to in 2011. NGV America is fully dedicated to the growth & development of a sustainable and profitable market for vehicles that run on natural gas and/or hydrogen.

NGV’s Take The Hill
• Unity Disposal participated in this event in 2011. The goal is to educate the public, members of Congress & staff, executive Branch agency officials, media and other decision makers about the benefits of using NGVs.
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